(for those of you over age 18, that's Juvenile Drivel #209)


Just a heads up, please look for me at WONDERCON 2008! (FEB 22-24)

I'll have loads of comics!!
(+ means "new this year")
-Katie Cat #01
-24 Hour Comic: This is the worst day of my life
-How To Tackle A 24 Hour Comic
+Hip Square #01
-Sketchbook #01
+Sketchbook #02
-Juvenile Drivel #01: "if you can't say anything nice."
-Juvenile Drivel #02: "The story of my life."
+Juvenile Drivel #03: "Where you can stick it."
+Juvenile Drivel #04: "Playing with fire."

or you can buy them all online through comixpress. Here's a link.

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